Years of Experience as Your Arborist in Austin, Texas

Let Austin Tree Service’s arborist be your arborist in Austin, Texas. We have been in business for over 15 years and have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau the entire time. We are also winners of the Angie’s List Service Award for two years.

At Austin Tree Service we have a certified arborist on staff. Our ISA certified arborist is knowledgeable and trained in all aspects of tree care. Our Austin arborist has practical experience in the field and adheres to a code of ethics. Our Austin arborist is credible, reliable, and has two main goals, to make sure your trees remain healthy, and that you understand how to keep them that way.

On the recommendation of our Austin arborist we can perform the following services for you:

• Tree Trimming
• Tree Removal
• Roof Clearance
• Storm Cleanup
• Ball Moss Removal
• Mistletoe Removal
• Tree Planting
• Stump Grinding

Tree Trimming

At Austin Tree Service we specialize in removing dead wood from trees. We do this for esthetic, clearance, safety, and most importantly tree health purposes. Dead wood serves no real purpose for a tree. Actually, it can cause tree diseases and decay. Removal of dead wood can be vital to your tree’s overall health. Our Austin arborist can determine exactly which parts of the tree need to be trimmed. We will only trim those parts of the tree that need to be trimmed unless you have a specific esthetic look that trimming will accomplish. You can trust us to put the health of your tree at the forefront of our minds.

Tree Removal

We can take care of your dead or damaged trees. Regardless of the tree’s location on the property, we can remove it for you. Our Austin arborist will first assess your tree to make sure that removal is necessary. If it’s an injury liability to people or could cause significant property damage, it will need to be removed almost immediately.

Roof Clearance Services

Debris can damage your roof. At Austin Tree Service in Austin, TX, we provide roof clearance services. We can remove branches and other tree debris that has gathered on your roof so you can have peace of mind. You want your roof to be safe from storm damage or any other hazards. Our trained crew members can clean up the debris quickly and expertly with little to no disruption to your life.

Storm Clean Up

Central Texas has some strange and damaging storms. We know that sometimes limbs come loose and can wind up in places they don’t belong. We will do storm clean up by removing trees, branches, and other tree debris around your home or business and make the area clean and safe. Our certified arborist can determine if there is more damage to the tree than just broken limbs.

Ball Moss Removal

Ball moss is unsightly and unhealthy. It grows in areas with low light, little airflow, and high humidity. Ball moss if left unchecked can damage your tree. Sometimes our Austin arborist will suggest removal of affected limbs. At other times, the recommendation may be that you receive regular tree trimming services that will eventually get rid of all the ball moss on your tree.

Mistletoe Removal

Did you know that mistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant that grows on a number of trees? It absorbs both water and minerals from its host tree, weakening branches and sometimes killing the host tree, especially if there are other stresses like drought or disease. Trees with a heavy infestation of mistletoe can lose their good health. Our certified Austin arborist knows how far along the problem is and what the best course of action to take is.

Tree Planting

In this part of Texas winter is one of the best times to plant a tree. If you do it in the winter, you can expect a beautiful tree to start to grow by spring. Our Austin arborist can recommend what trees will be best in your particular situation.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding uses a stump grinder to remove part of a tree stump from your property. We grind the stump into small pieces and remove it for you.

The certified arborist we have on staff makes Austin Tree Service the premier tree service in Austin, Texas. Call us at 512‑341‑8888 for more information about Austin, Texas tree care. You can also visit us on the web at