How to Wrap Your Outdoor Trees with Christmas Lights

With a few measurements and a little bit of planning, you can wrap your outdoor trees with Christmas lights. If you do it right, you can turn your outdoor trees into a magical winter wonderland. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on wrapping your outdoor trees with Christmas lights so you can have a beautiful holiday display in your yard.

Plan to wrap your outdoor trees with Christmas lights

When wrapping outdoor trees with Christmas lights, you should take some basic measurements. You’ll want to measure the circumference of the tree trunk as well as the circumference and count of any branches you wish to wrap with lights. You will also want to know how much space you want between each bulb on the string as well as how far apart you plan to wrap the light strings.

A 6” bulb spacing is popular for wrapping trunks and branches with an average space of 2-3” between strings. To get an accurate number, you should divide the height of your trees by the desired spacing. Then, you’ll want to multiply the total circumference to calculate the total string length. Total power should also be taken into consideration when you wrap your outdoor trees with Christmas lights. If you are using commercial mini light strings, up to 10, 100-bulb count strings can be connected. That’s about 420 watts. If you are using premium lights, up to six, 100-bulb strings can be connected. LED lights allow up to 43 strings, or 210 watts, to be connected. LEDs are becoming more popular and there’s less concern of plugging too many LED strands together. If you can, switch to LED lights.

Quick tree wrapping tips

Most people wrap their trees the length of the trunk and approximately 3-4’ high in the extending branches. Not every branch needs to be wrapped. The branches you select should be chosen to allow for an even and pleasing distribution of light. It’s easier to wrap trees with two people doing the work. You should also keep the string in a neat ball. Here’s how you wrap trees:

  • Start at the base of the tree with the first string of lights. Make sure the male plug is ground level to connect with your power cord.
  • Starting with the female, begin wrapping the tree systematically, connecting the male end with the next light string’s female end.
  • Wrap your trees tightly to ensure a snug fit. Lights will stay in place if wrapped tightly. Remember – you can always use zip ties to secure any loose wires or areas of concern.
  • Increase the vertical spacing of strings on branches where light strings will be wrapped up and back down.
  • Keep light strings in close proximity to the tree to prevent wind and storm damage.

How to wrap tree trunks and branches with lights

  • Create a ball of lights to make wrapping easier. Connect the male plug to power source at the base of the tree.
  • Wrap lights up the trunk, leaving space to wrap down if desired.
  • Wrap lights up and down the length of the main branches.
  • Wrap lights back down the trunk, securing the plug at the end.

How to handle hedges and bushes

For the fastest, cleanest method, choose Christmas net lights for bushes and hedges. If you prefer to wrap your bushes and hedges with outdoor tree lights, you can:

  • Use random patterns throughout.
  • For long sections of hedges, bring the source of power to the center of the hedges and string lights to the left and right.
  • Secure strings into the outer region of the bushes, covering the top and ¾ length down the sides.
  • Leave 1’ of clearance from the ground to ensure that the lights don’t sit in water or snow.

We hope these tips will help you wrap your outdoor trees, bushes and hedges with Christmas lights so you can have the magical display you want for the holiday season. For tree care questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 512-341-8888.