Other Services

Other Services

other-servicesIn addition to tree trimming and removal, Austin Tree Service provides ball moss removal and mistletoe removal. Ball moss is unsightly and unhealthy for your trees. It grows in areas with low light, little airflow and high humidity. They are circular photosynthesizers that can be the size of a golf ball or a soccer ball. Ball moss is not a parasite like mistletoe, however.

Ball Moss Removal

ball moss removalIf it is determined that you have ball moss on your tree or trees, we would bring out our ISA Certified Arborist to take a look and see what the best course of action would be. Sometimes, you just need to remove the dead limbs with the ball moss on them. At others, you will need regular pruning maintenance to eventually get rid of all the ball moss.

Mistletoe Removal

mistletoe removalMistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant that grows on a number of trees. This parasite absorbs both water and mineral from its host trees, weakening its branches and sometimes killing them. Heavily infested trees may be reduced in robustness, inhibited or killed, especially if they are stresses by other problems such as drought or disease.

Austin Tree Service Inc. can prevent that. At your first detection of ball moss or mistletoe, give us a call. We will be happy to come out and give your trees a once over to determine how big the ball moss or mistletoe problem is. Then, we will plan our course of action and carry it out with your approval. Ball moss or mistletoe doesn’t have to kill your trees. We can save them. Don’t wait to call us at 512-341-8888. The sooner we get on a job, the sooner your trees can get back to good health.

Stump Grinding

stump grindingAustin Tree Service Inc. offers stump grinding (at an additional cost) with your tree removal service or after your tree removal service even if we didn’t remove the actual tree. So, what’s stump grinding? Stump grinding is the process of using a stump grinder to remove a tree stump from your property. Professional tree services have professional grade stump grinders. They grind the stump and the roots into small chips. To do it right, a professional will grind down 6 inches below ground level so you can plant anything you like in its place.

This is an additional service, please be sure to inquire about it during your free estimate with our ISA Certified Arborist.

Do you have a stump near a water line? gas line, electric, sewage? If you’re not certain, you may address these concerns with our ISA Certified Arborist. If so, you may have to call 811 to mark the lines, to find out more information about this free service, you can click here to learn more, or call 811.