Tree Services

Tree Services

  • Tree Trimming

We specialize in removing dead wood from trees for both aesthetic and clearance purposes. If you are uncertain about your trees needing to be trimmed, please give us a call and we will gladly provide a free estimate for all necessary and desired services. Should you choose to accept our offer, we will send highly-trained staff in order to perform the service.

  • Tree Removals

    No tree is too big or too small to work with! Regardless of the size or location of the tree on the property, it will be safely removed.

  • Roof Clearance

    We also offer roof clearance services in order to ensure that all extra branches are within a safe distance from your roof.

  • Storm Damage Clean up

    Our storm damage clean-up services include storm emergency response in order to remove trees or debris that may be leaning on your house or scattered in your yard.

Other services

In addition to tree trimming and removals, we also provide the following services:

  • Ball moss removal

Ball moss in unsightly and unhealthy for your trees. Please consult with our tree specialist to determine the best course of action to return your tree to its healthy condition (removing dead limbs containing ball moss or scheduling regular maintenance pruning to eventually get rid of all the ball moss).

  • Mistletoe removal

Mistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant that grows on a number of trees. This parasite absorbs both water and mineral from its host trees, weakening its branches and sometimes killing them. Heavily infested trees may be reduced in robustness, inhibited or killed, especially if they are stresses by other problems such as drought or disease.

If you need help in the identification, damage analysis, and mistletoe management, call us so that our tree expert can assist you.

For your peace of mind, we guarantee our customers that we sterilize our equipment, so diseases are not transferred to the trees that we trim. Our professionals treat all wounds according to American National standards (ANSI) A300 (Part 1)-2008 standards for tree care. Please call us at 512-341-8888 for more information or to set up a service today!