Tree Biology – The Main Parts of a Tree

At Austin Tree Service, we want you to know as much as you can about your trees. We think it helps you take better care of your trees. The better care you take of your trees, the longer your trees will last. In this blog post, we will give you some information about the main parts of a tree. It’s the basics of tree biology. Hopefully, you can learn something about tree biology that you didn’t know before.

The Main Parts of the Tree

Trees have three main parts. These are the leaves, the trunk and the roots. The leaves are what we call the food factories of the tree. They contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll facilitates photosynthesis and gives leaves their green color. During photosynthesis, leaves use the sun’s energy to convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and water from the soil into sugar and oxygen. The sugar is the tree’s food. It is either stored or used in the branches, trunk and roots. The oxygen is released into the atmosphere.

A tree’s roots, which are an important part of tree biology, absorb water and nutrients from the soil, store sugar and keep the tree upright in the ground. Every tree has lateral roots that branch into smaller and smaller roots that usually extend horizontally beyond the branch tips. Some trees have a tap root that reaches down as far as 15 feet with each root being covered with thousands of root hairs that make it easier to soak up water and dissolved minerals that come from the soil. You can easily say that the majority of the root system is located in the upper 12 to 18 inches of the soil. Why? That’s because the oxygen that roots require to function properly is the most abundant in that area.

The trunk, or stem, of the tree supports the crown. It also gives the tree its shape and strength. Did you know the trunk consists of four layers of tissue? Well, it does. These layers contain a network of tubes running between the roots and the leaves. They act as the central plumbing system for the tree. How? Well, the tubes carry water and minerals up from the roots all the way to the leaves. These same tubes also carry sugar down from the leaves to the branches, trunk and roots to make sure the tree is properly fed.

We hope that, by learning this bit of tree biology, that you can better understand your trees and take better care of them. If you are having any difficulties with your trees, we encourage you to contact us at Austin Tree Service. We can be reached at 512-341-8888 by phone or by email. We are always happy to hear from you.