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Save Your Roof by Taking Care of Your Trees

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You have a tree on your roof. Maybe two. You’ve never had them trimmed. That’s a mistake. Large branches can topple onto your home when the wind gusts just right especially if the tree is weak. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can save your roof by taking care of your trees.

If you think you can spot all unhealthy tree branches with the naked eye, you are wrong. It’s best to call a certified arborist like the one we have at Austin Tree Service who can inspect your trees thoroughly and choose which branches need to come done. Then, we’ll take care of cutting and trimming them so that your tree and your roof stay healthy.

Some people complain about the cost of tree trimming. However, it’s much cheaper to have a tree or two trimmed than to get a new roof.  Avoiding roof damage starts with planting your trees in the right location. Many times people plant trees too close to home. Large tree roots can cause problems. Large branches will then be too close to your roof. Recommendations state that trees should not be within six-feet of your roof.

Why? Well, this protects your home from severe Texas weather, of which we’ve had quite a lot lately. This distance could also keep squirrels and other small animals from jumping onto the roof, trying to find entry inside your home to nest. They can also gnaw on your roof and siding

A little prevention with tree-trimming can go a long way toward keeping leaves and moss off your roof and keeping your roof damage-free. Abrasions from limbs and leaves that touch your roof can damage shingles especially when there are high winds.

Removing leaves is also important. When you have trees with overhanging branches on your roof, leaves can collect in roof valleys or chimneys. If not removed, they trap moisture and gradually decompose. This allows moisture to accumulate on your roof and could even create an environment where leaves will grow. It’s best to have a pro like us at Austin Tree Service go up on the roof to remove those leaves so they don’t’ mess with your roof.

Need help with overhanging branches or leaves on the roof? Give Austin Tree Service Inc. a call at 512-341-8888. We’re more than happy to help.