Why Tree Planting in Winter is a Good Thing

treeplanting1In Central Texas, now is the time to plant trees. Tree planting in the late fall and winter is a good thing especially considering we’ve had unseasonably warm weather this year. That makes conditions more favorable for tree planting. Many excellent varieties of trees are available at your local nursery. Pick one that works with your landscape. Ask the nursery staff if you have questions.

Why is tree planting in winter so good?

If you plant a tree in winter, by spring, your tree will have established roots. When spring arrives, the tree will be on its way to providing shade for years and years to come. Planting a tree during winter gives a tree a fighting chance come summer. Why? It will be ready for growing season and the roots will be established and better able to handle the hot weather that plagues Central Texas during late Spring through late Summer. The tree will start to acclimatize itself to the soil so in spring it grows as normal.

What is smart tree planting?

Smart tree planting means that you plant trees that you can easily water and sustain. Newly planted trees should be watered often – about three times a week. This, of course, depends on rain and proper drainage. With each watering, you should apply 5 gallons per inch of trunk diameter as it is measured six inches above the ground. For example, a tree with a 1-inch diameter should get 5 gallons of water, three times a week. That’s 15 gallons in total per week. You can alter this watering schedule depending on soil moisture. You want to make sure the root zone is not too dry or too wet. Since soil dries slower in lower temperatures, watering needs will decrease in the winter.

The key is selecting the right tree for the right location. You can talk with your nursery staff or contact our arborist for more information on choosing the best size and type for your garden. You can also check out this website at: http://texastreeplanting.tamu.edu/.

Some tree planting tips

Planning is a crucial part before digging the hole. You should select the trees that will adapt to the sunlight and soil conditions around your home. Decide whether you want an evergreen or deciduous tree, which allows for winter sunlight. You should consider the tree’s mature height and width so you can plant it a safe distance from your home and utility lines. A shade tree that matures to 25 or more feet, for example, should be planted at least 20 feet from your home and utility lines. A tree that grows to 20 or less feet should be spaced at least 10 feet from those areas.

Still got questions about tree planting? Guess what? We can plant your trees for you. All you have to do is maintain them and take care of them. We, at Austin Tree Service, love tree planting. Give us a call at 512-341-8888 today. You know we’ll do it right.