How to properly decorate your outdoor trees for Christmas

christmastreedecorationsChristmas decorations have been extending outside for a long time now. Many people have wonderful Christmas displays on their front lawns. When decorating your outdoor trees for Christmas, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These tips for how to properly decorate your outdoor trees for Christmas will ensure that your trees look great and remain safe.

  1. Make sure lights have all bulbs lit. Before you wrap the tree with Christmas lights, make sure they are functional. Check the bulbs to make sure they’re all lit. If one isn’t lit, then the whole string won’t work. You can check them indoors if you’d like. When you buy Christmas lights, they have some extra bulbs in the box. Be careful not to throw those away. You never know when you may need them.
  2. Don’t overload your power source. You’ll be using lots of wires. Make sure you have extension cords and they’re not loaded with too many wires. Better to buy more extension cords than to have fewer cords that are overloaded. You will also want to make sure they are not near standing water at any time. Make sure your amperage of your electrical products matches the amperage of your extension cords. Otherwise, you could be creating a fire hazard.
  3. Before using any wires, inspect them. Make sure they are not frayed or damaged in any way. If they are, don’t use them. You don’t want to take the chance of using them. They could ruin your whole display – and your house.
  4. Fasten outdoor lights securely to trees. You can wrap the lights around the tree trunk or within the branches. It’s up to you how you decorate, but make sure they’re secure so that the wind or bad weather doesn’t mess them up. You also want to make sure they won’t damage your wires. (Check #3 for more information on wires.)
  5. Turn off indoor and outdoor decorations when going out. This includes the decorations in your trees. You’ll also want to use a timer so they’re not on all night. Timers are easy to get and use and they help save electricity and don’t upset the neighbors.

We hope these tips have helped you with your Christmas decorations. We especially want you to focus on keeping your trees healthy while being well-decorated. If you have any questions, contact Austin Tree Service at 512-341-8888. Happy Holidays!