How to Select a Real Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-christmas-1796131_960_720We admit we’re not experts at how to select a real Christmas tree. However, we do understand trees, and we wanted to give you some advice on the topic so you can pick your real Christmas trees with confidence.  Christmas comes once a year and many people look forward to having a real, living tree in their home that they can put their ornaments on and showcase for all to see. Unfortunately, there are so many trees out there to choose from, you may not know what’s best for you and your needs.

Measure twice so you can buy once

Before you even head out the door to pick out your real Christmas tree, you need to know how much tree your house can fit. You should consider measuring your ceiling. Remember to subtract the height of the stand and the tree topper you want to use. This will help you get the maximum tree height you can fit. You should also clear the space where you’ll put the tree to see how deep it is. Different tree species have different girths so you don’t want your tree to squish against the wall. It will ruin the effect and harm the tree. Check out your stand as well. Make sure that it’s big enough to hold the tree you want. If you want a bigger tree this year, you may need to get a bigger stand.

Shop local

If you want the freshest and healthiest real Christmas tree, you should go to an established tree farm or lot that brings in trees from local farms. Farms sell ones that are grown specifically to retain their needles. There are several tree lots in Austin and farms not too far away like in Elgin where you can get the tree of your choice. The trees were cut several weeks before they appear on the lot. You’ll want to remember that and plan accordingly so your tree stays fresh throughout the holiday season.

What to do when you’re at the lot

  1. Test the branches. Grab a branch, any branch on the tree between your forefinger and thumb. Gently clamp down on it and pull it towards you. If you wind up with a handful of needles, then the tree is already past its prime.
  2. Crush the needles in your hands. If they don’t smell strong enough, the tree is not fresh enough.
  3. Bounce the tree. Hold it a few inches off the ground and drop it. If the exterior needles drop, don’t buy it. Interior needles will drop, however, so be careful to watch closely.
  4. Make sure the tree trunk fits your stand. If you trim the tree by its diameter will make it less able to absorb water. You need a tree with good water absorption especially if you buy early in the season.

Once you pick your tree, you tell the attendant at the lot or the farm of your choice and wrap it up. You can then transport it home and give it some water. We will discuss real Christmas tree care with you in another article this season. We hope you have blessed holidays whatever you celebrate and that these tips will help you pick the tree you want. Happy Holidays from Austin Tree Service! If you have questions about general tree care, please visit our website or call us at 512-341-8888.