Protecting Trees from Winter Damage – Other Considerations

Last week, we also talked about protecting trees from winter damage. We spent some time giving you information on how to protect your roots, leaves and trunks. This week, we’re going to focus on other considerations that help in protecting trees from winter damage. As always, we hope they are helpful to you.

Winter Thaws

During winter thaws, did you know that tree roots are especially susceptible to damage from heavy equipment? Yes, even normal-sized trucks can cause significant compression force, causing damage to the roots. This type of damage is usually well-hidden. Many times people will forget it happened when trees fail to perform in the following year. They simply don’t see the cause and effect because the length of time that the compaction occurred and the time when the thinned canopy or stunted growth shows up are so significant that they cannot correlate the two events. It’s our job as your tree care provider to remind you what the causes of your tree issues could be. Soil compaction is dangerous at any time of the year but never more so than during the winter.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is one of the most dramatic influences that the winter can have on a tree. As we all are aware, the forces of Mother Nature are often unpredictable and unrelenting. When protecting your trees from winter damage, it’s important that you inspect tree crowns and branch attachments in the late fall. You should note any suspect limbs or branches. You should then call us at 512-341-8888 to come out and prune your trees. We will also stabilize defects that will prevent you from further damage. Late fall and early winter is a great time to prune your trees. You don’t want lose branches to come free during heavy winds and harm your home or other trees, do you? We know you don’t.

In some areas of the country, they need to worry about damage from snow plows and ice melting products like sand or salt. In Central Texas, we don’t concern ourselves much with that, but we must be proactive in protecting trees from winter damage. That’s why you need us at Austin Tree Service. We can help you identify potential pitfalls and ensure that your trees are in the best shape they can be to get through the winter. If this year has been any indication so far, we are in for an interesting winter. We hope you will contact us should the need arise. We are here for you.


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