Proper and Safe Tree Removal

treeremovalaustinWhen performing a tree removal in Austin, you must make sure it’s done in a proper and safe manner. We, at Austin Tree Service, have a certified arborist on staff to help ensure that this happens. First, we will come out and assess your tree. We will analyze your tree and tell you what needs to be done. We don’t undertake a tree removal Austin unless it is absolutely necessary. We do all we can to save your trees.

However, should it become apparent that you need a tree removal we will tell you the cost and give you information on how we are going to do the Austin tree removal. We want you to be informed about your tree removal Austin. It’s not safe for you to consider removing the tree yourself. It’s a dangerous job even for the expert. That’s why you need someone like us who understands how trees are best removed.

One of the main dangers associated with tree removal Austin are the tools. We use chainsaws and wood chippers. Even the smallest of distractions could cause serious damage in seconds. Our tree removal specialists wear proper clothes and take precautions to make sure we don’t get hurt. We are also licensed and insured. If we get hurt on your property you don’t have to pay for it. We don’t need to tell you that medical expenses can get very expensive if you were to get hurt while trying to do this yourself.

Even with the proper equipment, a tree removal in Austin can be problematic. Weak limbs can lead to falls. They are improper support systems. Another potential problem is electric lines. If someone working on a tree close to power or phone lines falls, they could get electrocuted. We take extra care to make sure that this does not happen while we’re working on your tree removal.

Finally, there are potential hazards inside the tree like insects or rotting wood. If the tree is already dying, there could be deadwood and unstable limbs or hollowed-out trunks. We are equipped to handle this and will be sure to take care of your tree removal Austin.

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