Introducing the Earth-Wise Guide to Tree Care

introduction-earthwisetreecareThe Earth-wise guide to tree care, presented by the City of Austin and various partners, has a wealth of information for you regarding caring for your trees. As the brochure states, “urban trees need our help.” Why you may ask? Well, Texas weather has brought drought, record high and low temperatures and sudden flooding to our trees. None of these situations is ideal for the urban tree.

Unfortunately, this chaotic weather is becoming our new normal. As a result, we need to prepare for it. We also need to prepare our trees for it. To do so, we need to evaluate the health of the existing trees, care for them and make informed decisions on how to replenish the urban forest.

The brochure provides a great deal of information on each of these three steps. We will go more into detail on the separate areas in the coming weeks so we can give you a full understanding of what you need to do.

For example, you can tell if your lifeless and bare tree is still alive by the scratch test. What’s the scratch test? Well, you use your fingernail to scratch the bark on a twig or a branch. If you see a green or yellow color where your finger did the scratching, then live tissue is present. If you’re still unsure about what to do, you should call a certified arborist like the one we have at Austin Tree Service. We will be happy to assess your tree for you and tell you how you can get it healthy again.

If you want more information on the Earth-wise guide to tree care, we will provide it in the coming weeks. You can also check out the websites, and You can also keep visiting us here at for tips and information about how to care for your trees in Central Texas.