A Guide to Our Series on Oak Tree Diseases

oak-tree-and-sunFor multiple weeks, we’ve been focusing on Oak Tree Diseases. We’ve given you plenty of information on them so that you can know what to look for and when to call us in for help. Oak tree diseases are very common, unfortunately, and with the weather we’ve had this year, we expect a lot of calls about them. We wanted to help you determine if you have an issue because we don’t diagnose tree diseases. We just treat them.

Oak trees are very common in Texas. They are a native species and react well to our climate. They are beautiful trees that usually last a very long time. They require basic care such as fertilization, watering and regular pruning to keep them healthy.

The oak tree diseases we discussed ranged from the mildly inconvenient to the truly deadly. We focused on a variety of diseases and encourage you, if you want further information or just need a refresher to read the original article again.

In our ‘study’ of oak tree diseases, we focused on the following:

What we want you to do is to be aware of potential problems that could happen to your trees. We want you to try to catch them early so that we can take a look and see what we can do. We don’t want the problem to get to the point where we have to worry about tree death or removal. We want to be able to save your oak trees. We want to save all of your trees, as a matter of fact.

At Austin Tree Service, we love trees. We want to keep your trees healthy and you happy. We know we can do that with your help. Hopefully, you enjoyed our Oak Tree Diseases series. If you have suggestions for future series, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter. If you suspect or know you have an oak tree disease, please call us at 512-341-8888 so we can take care of it as quickly as possible.