What to Expect When Trimming Bamboo Trees

bamboo-240321_960_720Trimming bamboo trees is not considered essential by some, but it is beneficial. Trimming bamboo can greatly enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the bamboo. It can help you control the density of the bamboo. The health of the bamboo can be benefited by trimming bamboo trees. You should prune or thin bamboo in late summer or fall after the shooting season is finished. If you remove the bamboo during the shooting season, it can diminish the energy reserves and reduce the bamboo’s ability to effectively produce new shoots.

Pruning is the cutting and removal of culms, branches or leaves of the bamboo. You should prune or trim them to maintain bamboo’s attractiveness. Each bamboo culm lives about 10 – 15 years. You should remove older, unattractive culms and cut off any dead or unattractive branches. You can prune bamboo without having any fear of damaging it. Make your cuts above the node so you don’t leave behind a stub that will die back and look unsightly. Trimming bamboo trees is all about keeping them pretty.

If you happen to cut back on the top of the bamboo tree, you’ll also want to even it up on the sides as well. You don’t want to leave long branches at the top. Pruning a bamboo tree is not suggested until after your 3rd to 5th growing season. This gives the bamboo time to mature and become established. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution and remove a few branches. You can always remove more the next time.

Do you want to top your bamboo? You can remove the upper portion to create a lush topiary appearance. Be careful because once you ‘top’ a bamboo, it will not grow vertically again. It will remain the same height for the rest of the tree’s life cycle. Of course, you should leave some viable limbs and cut about ¼ of an inch above the node when you top bamboo. Without limbs, the cane cannot survive.  The remaining limbs will generate more foliage to compensate for the loss of height. This will give your bamboo a very different look.

Please note that bamboo shoots can usually be removed with a handsaw. Make sure that you have safety gear and proceed with caution or call us at Austin Tree Service. We understand bamboo and how to trim it safely and efficiently.