What to Expect After a Tree Removal

treeremovalIt happened. You have to remove a tree from your property. It’s sick, dying, crowding other trees, or what have you. For whatever reasons, you and your arborist at Austin Tree Service have come to the decision that you need a tree removal.  If a permit from the City of Austin is required, the arborist will inform you of it. Here is a link to the permit application. Once all the requirements, have been met, we will set up the appointment and remove the tree. Now, you just have a bit of a stump left.

What happens now?

Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? We do know that the tree’s roots will no longer grow. Why? Roots need nutrients that are supplied by the tree’s leaves. There are now no leaves left. No leaves should mean no new nutrients. As a result, the roots will slowly die out.

A strange thing can happen after a tree removal, however, and it might surprise you. A tree can re-sprout after it is cut down. When that occurs, new growth can develop leaves and carry out photosynthesis which would cause your roots to remain alive. This is not something you want to have happen.

We usually suggest stump grinding with your tree removal so that this is less likely to occur. Growth from the roots or stump can be controlled by spraying the new growth with a brush killer. Treating the stump with herbicide after the tree is cut down is an effective method to prevent sucker growth. We can handle this for you. We apply the herbicide to the stump immediately after cutting down the tree. By doing so, we allow the herbicide to make contact with the stump’s vascular system before it seals itself.

That’s why we suggest that you have us handle a tree removal and don’t do it yourself. We’re experts at the process. When we remove a tree, you can be fairly secure in the knowledge that it is done well and no new growth will appear. If it does, we will fix it for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

If you have questions or think you need a tree removed, please contact us at 512-341-8888. Thank you.