Earth-Wise Guide to Tree Care – Tree Renewal

renewalThe Earth-Wise Guide to Tree Care’s final installment will be all about tree renewal. Tree renewal deals with planting new trees. It’s an optimistic and sustainable investment demonstrating our commitment to the future.

If you do plant new trees, you should make a commitment to them. Determine the available time and money to care for your tree once it’s planted. A tree is an investment. They yield higher quality benefits when you plant and care for them properly.

When watering new trees, you should do it thoroughly once a week. Watering trees when they’re in the ground for less than two years should be done near the planting area to the dripline. This is because those trees have less developed root systems. The watering will help with root development.

Remember that small trees need less water during their establishment. Trees are a wonderful thing, especially newly planted ones. Why? It’s because they adapt quickly to new conditions. You should help this along by planting new trees in the right location. You’ll want to consider the following before planting your new tree:

  • Soil type,
  • Access to water,
  • Shade,
  • Landscape function,
  • And sufficient space for mature tree height and width.

Trees that are placed in the proper location will be healthier and require less water.

When planting, you should utilize a diverse palette of native trees. You’ll want to plant them at the proper depth – that means no deeper than the depth of soil in the rootball. Planting season is October to March so plant your tree during that time frame. When you do mulch, make sure it’s 3-4 inches deep and that the mulch is 4-5 inches away from the base of the trunk.

That’s it for the Earth-Wise Guide to Tree Care. You now know how to evaluate, nurture and renew your trees. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Austin Tree Care at 512-341-8888 for more information. We’re happy to help.