City of Austin Tree Removal Requirements

treesbackyardBefore you remove a tree in your yard, you should familiarize yourself with the City of Austin tree removal requirements. Many trees in Austin are considered ‘protected’. Austin’s tree protection ordinance is pretty complicated. It basically seeks to keep as many trees in Austin as possible.

From the ordinance, a protected, or heritage, tree is:

“HERITAGE TREE means a tree that has a diameter of 24 inches or more, measured four and one-half feet above natural grade, and is one of the following species: (a) Ash, Texas (b) Cypress. Bald (c) Elm, American (d) Elm, Cedar Pagel of 13 (e) Madrone, Texas (f) Maple. Bigtooth (g) All Oaks (h) Pecan (i) Walnut, Arizona (j) Walnut, Eastern Black.”

Before you remove any of these protected trees, you need a Tree Ordinance Review Application to be approved. Removal specifically refers to any action that may reasonably be expected to cause the tree to die. The city arborist must review these applications for protected trees before they can be removed. You will also have to pay a few with the application.

If your tree is not in the above-mentioned list, you can remove the tree without a permit. If you have something wrong with a tree, you are encouraged to consult with a certified arborist like the one we have at Austin Tree Service. The city does not send the city arborist out for all tree problems.

Our arborist can diagnose what’s wrong with your trees and determine if you need to have them removed. We, at Austin Tree, can also help you through the tree ordinance review application if necessary.

Remember if you have a tree in the public Right of Way, these are considered public trees and are regulated by the Public Works Department. Call 311 if you have any questions. Planting or removing trees in the Public Right Away area will require approval by the City of Austin.

If you have any further questions about tree removal in the City of Austin, we suggest you call Austin Tree Service today. We can be reached at 512-341-8888 and we will help you determine the best way to take care of your trees.