How Can Tree Trimming Prevent Wind Damage?

winddamageWe know it’s been hot in Texas lately. That’s not abnormal. What’s been a little weird are the heavy winds we’ve been facing. Have you noticed them? Have they impacted your trees yet? We’ve had some calls about wind damage to trees, and we’d like to help you out.

First of all, we’ll talk a little bit about wind. Wind is air in motion. Air moves from a high pressure region to a lower pressure one. This is caused by the difference of the unequal heating of the atmosphere. The heat of the sun causes air masses to have different air pressures. It’s a bit scientific, but these are the basics.

High winds can be a prime time for tree falls. Yes. It’s not just hurricanes or tornadoes that can cause a tree some damage. However, these events can leave whole forests and urban areas littered with broken branches and uprooted trees.

Lesser winds can also cause problems for your trees. The truth is that very few things can withstand the force of powerful winds.  What you may notice initially are broken branches and loss of foliage. Strong winds can also cause trees to sway, pulling and stretching their roots.

Regular tree trimming, preferably before the winds start, can help a tree survive during windy times. It will also help it recover quickly when there is heavy wind. Yes, we are saying that tree trimming can help prevent wind damage.

High winds can leave behind a trail of broken limbs and branches. Uprooted trees can fall on property or people. This can cause you a lot of problems. That’s why you want to take preventative action and have your trees trimmed on a regular basis.

When trees grow out of control, it’s obviously harder for them to withstand environmental and other forces. We can help you manage your tree growth with regular pruning sessions. Give us a call at Austin Tree Service today. We can be reached at 512-341-888. We’ll be happy to trim your trees for you during this windy time.