Best Arborist in Austin

An arborist is someone who’s an expert in tree planting, growing, and health. Informally referred to as “tree doctors”, arborists with our tree service in Austin can help homeowners diagnose and treat sickly trees. Tree health is important for several reasons ‑ first and foremost for safety. When trees have been weakened by disease, they are much more likely to come down in a storm or heavy wind ‑ and falling trees and branches pose a significant danger to any people or property within the fall radius. Sick trees can also reduce property value ‑ especially if the problem is ignored and the trees are allowed to die. Austin Tree Service is a professional tree service in Austin, Texas that maintains a certified arborist on staff who can consult on matters of tree health and help you decide the best course of action for dealing with a sick tree.

If you’ve never worked with an arborist in the past, you may be wondering when it would be appropriate to contact one. You should consider calling a certified arborist in Austin, TX when leaves fall off earlier than normal, when leaves sprout later than normal, when leaves appear discolored, when they lose their veins, or when odd shaped nodules appear on them. Split, cracked, or peeling bark, or bark that appears bumpy, is another sign that you should contact our tree service in Austin. We have a certified arborist in Austin, TX that can come to your home or business and perform a standard check‑up on any trees you are concerned about and offer a diagnosis and prognosis.

You should also contact an arborist if you notice dead branches at the top of the tree or fungus around the trunk and / or mushrooms growing near the base of the tree and around the roots. If the tree can be saved, an arborist can prescribe a course of treatment that may bring the tree back to health. If not, our tree service in Austin can remove the dying or dead tree safely from your property.

In addition to our on staff certified arborist in Austin, TX, our tree service in Austin offers expert tree removal by experienced professionals. We also offer tree trimming, stump grinding, planting, ball moss identification and removal, mistletoe identification and removal, and much more. We’re not just landscapers in Austin, we’re highly skilled, award winning tree and landscape experts. No matter what kind of look you’re trying to accomplish, Austin Tree Service can help you build the custom landscape you’ve always dreamed of and help you keep your current landscape looking its best.

To learn more about our locally owned and operated tree service in Austin, and to learn how to schedule an appointment with our on staff arborist, visit Austin Tree Service online at