Bamboo Removals – They’re Not As Easy As You’d Think

bamboo_removalYou have bamboo trees and you love them. Unfortunately, it’s time to think of bamboo removals because your trees are not thriving and you’ve tried everything to get them healthy again. Bamboo is an aggressive and invasive tree. They create a strong and complex network that makes the emergence of new culms unpredictable. Bamboo removals can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll go over some things that can be done to make bamboo removals stick so that no new shoots crop up.

You should probably follow the advice of the American Bamboo Society’s advice. If you want to get rid of bamboo, you should probably do the following:

  1. Cut it off. All of the culms (stalks) of bamboo in a clump are interconnected under the ground by rhizomes, aka underground stems. To deal with them appropriately, you should cut them by digging a ditch or cutting a line with a spade. Many people make the mistake of thinking that each separate culm is a tree, but it’s not. They’re usually part of the larger tree. Isolate the portion you want to keep if there is a portion and cut rhizomes with a saw or a drill. You will have to do this every year because bamboo shoots have the nasty habit of re-growing.
  2. Cut it down. You’ll want to cut the grove to the ground. All of it. If there’s any part you want to keep, see step 1.
  3. Water and fertilize the area to generate new growth. This may seem antithetical, but you want to catch the new growth early so you can eradicate it more easily.
  4. Cut it down again. And again. New shoots will come up from the rhizomes. Break them off or cut them with pruning shears. Keep doing this until no new shoots come up. This may take weeks or months. It’s not a simple process. When you do this, you will exhaust the energy of the rhizomes underground. Without green leaves to photosynthesize and produce new energy, the rhizomes will no longer be able to send up new shoots. They will be left behind and will eventually rot away.

Of course, since this process is so complex, you may want the help of a professional like Austin Tree Service. We can take care of bamboo removals so you don’t have to. Give us a call at 512-341-8888.