Are Your Trees Prepared for El Niño?

Austin Tree ServiceEl Niño means more rain and colder temperatures this coming fall and winter. Are your trees structurally safe or do they need pruning? If they’re not structurally safe, the cold weather and increased rain could cause problems. Your tree branches could break under the weight of the rain. They could fall down and impact your home or car. They could also become diseased.

If you don’t know if your trees are in good condition or not, you should contact us at Austin Tree Service. Our certified arborist can gauge the health of your trees and branches. He will tell you whether they need to be pruned or if the tree needs to come down. In some cases, El Niño weather patterns are strong enough to bring the biggest but not healthiest tree to its knees.

But, what is El Niño?

El Niño is a climate cycle occurring in the Pacific Ocean that has far-reaching effects. It begins when warm water in the western, tropical Pacific Ocean shifts eastward along the Equator toward the coast of South America. During an El Niño, the Pacific’s warmest surface waters sit offshore northwest South America. Forecasters will declare an El Niño when they see both ocean temperatures and rainfall veer to the East.

El Niño’s bring about a difference in temperature, some wind and a whole lot of rain. Peruvian fishermen, at the beginning of the 20th century noticed the correlations between temperature changes and anchovy stocks. When an El Niño occurred, there were less anchovies during December and January. This began the interest in the phenomenon, which these fishermen called El Niño. The name stuck.

How do I prepare my trees for El Niño?

You should definitely have overhanging tree branches trimmed. We also advocate checking the overall health of your trees, not just the ones that overhang on your home. As we mentioned, trees can break and fall as a result of the cold temperatures and the excess rain of El Niño. You want to make sure they’re in peak condition before the weather hits.

We think you should give us, Austin Tree Service, a call at 512-341-8888 today. We’ll inspect your trees and tell you about how to get ready for El Niño’s wrath this fall and winter.